Welcome to the home of CLUMPY, a code modeling AGN clumpy dust torus emission. It was originally developed at the University of Kentucky, and is now developed and maintained at NOIRLab (ex-NOAO).

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Please follow the latest News & Updates, as the models may change at any time.


All data available on our website are public, and reflect the latest state of our scientific research and development. Please feel free to use them for the benefit of your research, provided that acknowledgment is made in each publication. The bibliographic references are:

Nenkova, M., Sirocky, M.M., Ivezic, Z. & Elitzur, M., "AGN Dusty Tori: I. Handling of Clumpy Media", 2008, ApJ, 685, 147

Nenkova, M., Sirocky, M.M., Nikutta, R., Ivezic, Z. & Elitzur, M., "AGN Dusty Tori: II. Observational Implications of Clumpiness", 2008, ApJ, 685, 160`

Please note that models may be subject to changes or updates at any time. Therefore, please make sure to check back here and always use the latest models available.